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About Us

SAUSHED inkjet Printers are a direct continuation of the leading inkjet printer’s brand Sauven.


Until 2015 Sauven produced one of the best printers in the world at the field of Industrial marking and coding products.

In the end of 2015 Davis Sauven decided to stop production as Sauven, and from this point on SAUSHED was born.


After ten years of collaboration with Sauven, we have experienced all of Sauven's printers and decided to continue the path of David Sauven by supplying the world with Industrial InkJet printers with the same quality as Sauven and with some new adjustments we found to improve performance. 


SAUSHED is actually a combination between Sauven+Eshed.

Eshed was one of the big sellers of Sauven printers.


In January 2017, we are coming out with new models that have been upgraded and modified in places where we thought that change was beneficial.


Now you can order the printer SAUSHED 500, SAUSHED 600, SAUSHED 7000

And soon SAUSHED 700


We thank those representatives who went with us in 2016 and uses of printers on a daily basis.

We invite the rest of the representatives to join the new family SAUSHED.

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