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SAUSHED 600 - Industrial InkJet Printer

High Resolution Coding & Marking

1 to 8 lines of print, with  2-18mm print height.
PC Connectivity

via USB cable or Ethernet for direct message creation or factory network system.
Out of the Box Installation

With minimal components for maximum reliability.
1D & 2D Barcodes High-resolution printing of multiple barcode variants.
Graphics, Logos & Barcodes

Easily import JPEG & BMP graphics using the Pro software.

Touch Controller

Simple interactive windows programming with the Pro software.
Stand Alone Printer

Use a USB stick to transfer print messages from the Pro software.
Ink Saver Mode

Reduce ink consumption by up to 50%.

Multi Port Connection

For encoders, external alarms and alternative product detection devices.
True Type Font & Unicode

Enables message creation in any font and in any language.
Large Solvent Based Ink Cartridge

Low-cost coding and clean inking system, ideal for printing on to porous and non-porous surfaces.
Simple Screen & Keyboard

For local control of printer speed and printer direction, message selection and message delay.


•  Prints in any orientation  

•  1 to 8 lines of print  

•  2mm - 18mm total print height  

•  High resolution piezo print head  

•  Prints text, graphics, logos and barcodes  

•  Prints time and multiple date formats  

•  Continuous repeat print capability  

•  100m/min print speed
    (50m/min for barcodes and 2mm text)  

•  Single start /stop print button  

•  Visual alarm indicator including ink low  

•  Message width, delay and print direction control  

•  Message selection   •  Product detection photocell  

•  Weight 1.7kg (excluding ink cartridge and brackets)  

•  Size 242 x 178 x 90mm


•  RS232 and RS485 for Sauven Touch controller  

•  USB-A memory stick included  

•  USB-B  for cable connection  

•  Ethernet (optional)  

•  I/O port for encoder, alarm beacon and external photocells

•  Sealed replaceable ink cartridge (up to 15 million characters)  

•  Oil based inks for porous surfaces  

•  Solvent based inks for non-porous surfaces  

•  UV inks for instant LED curing  

•  Various colours


•  90-260VAC to 24VDC power supply included

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